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Ceremonies & Funeral Celebrant

Celebrant ceremonies are designed especially for you, and because they are not legally binding, do not have the restrictions of a church, synagogue or registry office.   Celebrant ceremonies can take place, any time, any place anywhere, making them truly unique and fully customised for you.

When you lose someone you love your feelings will be influenced by many different things.  This might include: Who the person was to you  –  How close you were to them  –    How they died How you feel will also be influenced by how you deal with life in general, your culture, and any religious […]

You can scatter ashes by casting them into the wind using a scattering tube. Other options include creating a garden feature or letting the ashes wash them away. If you want to say a few words before scattering the ashes, you could give a brief history of the person who died and share some of […]

A graveside service can follow a traditional funeral, can precede a memorial service, or can be a stand-alone event. The service will be held at the graveside, or at the crypt where the body or cremated remains will be interred. The funeral officiant will likely recite prayers or readings, a eulogy may be delivered, and […]

You would normally choose your celebrant according to the amount of spirituality or religiosity you want to include. Your Priest would supply the traditional religious service; a Humanist would offer a service that may include no religious content at all; and a Civil Funeral Celebrant will tailor-make a service to reflect your and your family’s beliefs. […]

Bereavement is the experience of losing someone important to us. It is characterised by grief, which is the process and the range of emotions we go through as we gradually adjust to the loss. Losing someone important to us can be emotionally devastating – whether that be a partner, family member, friend or pet. It […]