Ceremonies & Funeral Celebrant

Celebrant ceremonies are designed especially for you, and because they are not legally binding, do not have the restrictions of a church, synagogue or registry office.   Celebrant ceremonies can take place, any time, any place anywhere, making them truly unique and fully customised for you.

Unique Ceremonies

Planning a memorable good-bye

Celebration of Life Ceremonies

There are many End of Life Services, the most popular of course are Burials and Cremations.  Along with the funeral service, I also offer other celebration of life ceremonies, which can be held at any time, in any location you choose.

With the current Covid-19 situation, funerals are limited to severely reduced numbers, with the formalities handled only – without the possibility of gathering everyone together, for shared memories and to celebrate the life of a loved one.

As things are opening up, many are considering arranging a post-funeral memorial or a scattering of ashes ceremony for the mourners to honour loved ones.

Memorial Ceremony

A memorial service is an opportunity for friends and family to pay their respects after the loss of a loved one.  Distinct from a funeral service, a memorial service is a ceremony for the mourners to honour loved one, but no burial or cremation is involved.

Memorial services are a very important time for the bereaved. Some may want to celebrate your loved one’s life, while others may wish to spend the memorial in quiet contemplation. What is important is that you include others in the decision so that everyone feels comfortable with the service.

The venue of the memorial service will often dictate the type of service you have.

Scattering Of Ashes Ceremony

An ash scattering ceremony is the act of releasing the ashes of a loved one.  Scattering the remains of a loved one is an important moment and part of dealing with grief. We want to help make this day a special memory to share with your family.

During this ceremony, we will take time to reflect upon your loved one and the life they led, what they loved and how important their loss is to your family.

“Arranging a celebration of life service is your precious gift to your loved one.

The service we create together will be every bit as unique as your loved one was and every detail of the ceremony is created to celebrate the important things that were special about them”